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The Year's Finest Fantasy edited by Terry Carr

The Year's Finest Fantasy edited by Terry Carr
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The first in a series of anthologies edited by Terry Carr. A great collection of writers who went on to become quite prolific. Of note, is the first appearance of a Stephen King story not published again until the 2000s. The term "fantasy" is loosely used as some stories venture further into sci-fi or horror. I really enjoyed reading these seventies stories!

1. Jeffty is Five by Harlan Ellison - Jeffty and Donny were friends when they were both five years old. Now, 22 years later they are still friends, Donny is 27 and Jeffty is still five. I like Harlan Ellison and really liked this story. It deals with the past and present, the longing for the 'good ole days' and the price that is paid to live in the past and whether progress is a good thing or not. Great story to begin the collection. (4/5)

2. The Bagful of Dreams by Jack Vance - This is a fantasy set on a planet that has devolved so …

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