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Real Crime Magazine 2017 (#21)

Real Crime Magazine 2017 (#21) by Ben Biggs
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fantastic magazine with well-written articles to read about different crimes from all around the world including historical cases up to the present day. The features in this issue are:
- the killing of Caroline Dickinson in a French hostel
- killers who placed ads in the papers and online
- Raoul Moat
- The Iceman
- Colleen Stan , the girl in the box
- Robert Hansen
- the Yakuza
- and many more


I read a short story every morning with my coffee. I've decided I'm going to start reading a creepypasta some mornings for a change. I pick my stories by researching "Top 10 Creepypasta" lists. This is my ongoing list of stories I read in reverse order so you can always see the newest one added.

6. Penpal by 1000vultures - (next, don't mention it in the comments yet.)

5. Smile Dog by Unknown - This is very good. It has a well-known horror theme of passing on a "meme" to others in this case a demonic picture of a smiling "dog" which will drive the viewers insane. Well-written compared to the other creepypasta I've read so far and a satisfying story. I had of ourse heard of this one though hadn't read the original. (4/5)

4. The Russian Sleep Experiment by Unknown - I had read a shortened version of this once and discussion about it often comes up on "macabre" sites I read accompanied by a weird picture. This is the original sto…

Real Crime Magazine, Holi 2016 editor, Ben Biggs

Real Crime Magazine, Holi 2016 editor, Ben Biggs
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a true crime magazine published in the UK. It is a fantastic magazine for true crime aficionados which is also aimed at readers. The features and articles are lengthy and in depth. Although the mag. has plenty of glossy pictures it is also high on text and not comparable to a US genre magazine at all. Only a couple of cases here were known to me and they were international in scope featuring UK, US, Canada, Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong, Bali and more. The cases include recent, current, 70s up and a couple of vintage 50s or later. Great magazine, highly recommended.